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Welcome to Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram Senior Secondary School. The Alpha Group of Institutions was founded by Mrs. & Mr.T.T. Sambandam and Mrs. and Dr. Palani Rathinam in 1993, under the aegis of the Alpha Foundation for Education and Research. Starting with 16 students in TN Matriculation Board, the Alpha Group today boasts of about 4000 students in CBSE, TN Matriculation and Cambridge International Boards, on a sprawling campus of 7.5 acres in KK Nagar in Trichy.

The Alpha Mission

To realize the vision outlined above, ALPHA has taken on the Mission to:

Create educational institutions, with the serene and divine ambience of an ashram, where national and global integration and religious harmony are upheld, where unjust social practices are challenged; where the vision of One World - One Family – One Body - One Spirit is realized.

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