Welcome to the Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram; an institution that is committed to its mission, vision, and values down to the word.

Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram’s impressive campus provides a backdrop for student learning of the highest caliber. Technology, music, art, physical education, theater, library, classroom and common spaces all communicate a message that learning is the core purpose and highly valued at Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram.
The vibrant community focuses on learning. Our teachers are exceptional educators who place understandings about learning consistently at the center of planning and instruction and who inspire students to the highest expectations. Students are continuously given feedback on their work habits and we constantly strive to prepare students for a changing future. We aim for students to develop into men and women who will make a positive difference in the world. We achieve this through our curriculum, pedagogy and technology as well as in fine arts, athletics, and activities and clubs.

Our values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Compassion guide our actions and promote a culture of inclusiveness and engagement.

Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram provides the optimal environment for learning and preparing students for a changing future. We dedicate ourselves to continuing the tradition of being an outstanding learning center. What better place and time to educate the finest global leaders of tomorrow?