10 Aug

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Date                            : 4.8.16-Thursday

Venue                          : Butterfly Park, Srirangam

No. of students            : 172

Teachers                     : 11 teachers.

Transport                    : 5 School vans


It was a Thunderous Thursday with excitement.


Children went to field trip on 4.8.16 – Thursday to Butterfly park, Srirangam. On the way to Butterfly Park, students were thrilled to view the typical village ambiance and they were able to relate them to their subject. They enjoyed watching the model of different types of butterflies all over the park and fountains. They admired colourful flowers and butterflies fluttering around and were overjoyed while they were on the bridge with ducks swimming in the pond beneath. They played on the slide, swing, roundabout etc., They returned home with the ‘save nature’ thought instilled in their minds



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