Resource Person : Dr. Jesudoss  from Loyola College, Chennai

The meeting started at 10.00 a.m with a Prayer song. Our Principal Dr. Porchelvi introduced the guest to the staff members. The resource person Dr. Jesudoss started the workshop in an enthusiastic way. The workshop was on the topic Class room Management. The resource person conveyed all the necessary points on this particular topic in a very jovial way. He started with a question how to enjoy teaching? He also raised a question if all were happy and joyful in teaching. According to this resource person happiness was just getting OK with the day. Joyful was to get involved in teaching in an enthusiastic way. He insisted that any human being who ran after money, materials and external appreciation cannot excel in the teaching career.

Traits of joyful teachers:

1. Smile

2. Love

He told the teacher to go the classroom with a big smile and show unconditional love to the children. There was a small activity on to meet 20/10 people to interact on the following five issues. Namely, your hobby, your likes, your dislikes and your ambition.

The workshop then continued on the discussion of

  1. Classroom Management (Work load/Work Road).
  2. Have a lot of thinking skills.
  3. Have a challenging mentality.
  4. Insist the children to have eye contact.
  5. Give importance to spoken language than writing.

He also instructed the staff to inculcate thinking skills, communication skills i.e speaking and writing skills, Study skills etc. The children must be instructed to take notes while the teacher teaches.

The following expressions could be used as motivation for the children.

  1. Awesome!  for apt answers
  2. Fantastic!  for the child who never answers
  3. Excellent! Who answerswrong
  4. Splendid! Someone who give different answers.
  5. Overwhelming! For the answer beyond the expectations

Teachers should not use the following words like:

No, Wrong, Not Correct, difficult and Good.

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